Muscular Dystrophy Canada’s values of Determination, Courage, Passion and Caring are defining aspects of the organization and exemplified by the tens of thousands of Canadians who are affected by neuromuscular disorders.  From our dedicated Volunteer Chapters, heroic Fire Fighters to the committed Researchers, generous donors, corporate partners and enthusiastic staff we are inspired daily by their valiant efforts.

“Let’s Make Muscles Move” is a blog that highlights and shares Muscular Dystrophy Canada stories and events.  Topics will include information on our Services programs, research updates, advocacy initiatives, and on our fundraising efforts such as our signature event the Walk for Muscular Dystrophy.  We’ll feature posts relating to our organization’s mission to enhance the lives of the over 50,000 Canadians affected by neuromuscular disorders by continually working to provide ongoing support and resources.

This blog is moderated by Muscular Dystrophy Canada’s Marketing and Communications Department.  Guest and featured writers will be credited by post.

Check out our website, and join us on FacebookTwitter and Google+. Talk to you soon!


2 thoughts on “About

  1. Can you provide a report of the percentage of total revenue that administrative costs take up.
    What percentage of donations go towards fundraising.
    Thank you,

    Gerard Binsfeld

    • For the fiscal year ended March 31, 2012, Muscular Dystrophy Canada’s cost to raise a dollar was 53 percent. This figure adheres to Canada Revenue Agency’s new regulation, which requires all non-direct mission expenditure to be classified as fundraising. Based on our size, the need to raise funds to support services and research, as well as our reliance on special events and grassroots fundraising, our cost to raise a dollar continues to meet Revenue Canada standards.

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