Team AMC Bears

Logan_for webTeam AMC Bears has participated in the Regina Safeway Walk for Muscular Dystrophy since 2012.  Front and center of the team is the inspiration why Team AMC Bears participate in the Walk, Logan Heathcote.

Logan was born with Arthrogryposis Multiplex Congentia  (AMC) and at the tender age of 2.5 years, Logan remains an inspiration to not only his team, but so many others he has met in his role of Walk Ambassador of 2013.

Last year’s Walk season provided Logan and his family many opportunities to create awareness not only about AMC and other neuromuscular disorders, but disabilities in general.  AMC Bears accepted the role of ambassador and used this role to connect with the local community of Regina in any opportunity they could. Logan’s cheery smile warmed the hearts of many persons as he thanked local  Lowe’s Canada, Menchies and Safeway managers and employees for their support of person with neuromuscular disorders.

To assist in their fundraising, Team AMC Bears hosted a series of fundraisers for their team. Hosting a Gymkhana event, and Paintball fundraiser were just a few of the efforts that this team did to raise awareness and contribute to their donation of over $5800.

Logan’s Mom Tahnee Dubois was interviewed at one of the fundraisers they hosted for the Walk and shared that “if anything, fundraising has inspired me to go above and beyond to the best I can for Logan, I also want to raise awareness about neuromuscular disorders for other families who are faced with this diagnosis in the future.”


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