Team Junior is gearing up for another exciting year at Walk for Muscular Dystrophy!

My name is Melissa Basil and this will be my 5th time participating in the annual WaterlooBasil Family Region Walk for Muscular Dystrophy! My family and I are very excited to be participating once again this year because this Walk is a great way to raise awareness of neuromuscular disorders such as MD. It is also a great way to meet other families who may be experiencing the same triumphs and challenges as we do; families who understand our story.  Originally, I decided to participate in this annual Walk because I thought it would be a great way to support my younger brother, Junior, who was diagnosed with muscular dystrophy at the age of 5. Now, Junior is 19 years old and I feel it is important to continue to show him my support, hence I come out every year. Not only have I been participating in this Walk, but my family as well as my extended family and friends have continued to participate and show support for this cause. Each year our team (team Junior) has gotten bigger and bigger! We feel that it is important to participate and fundraise because not only are we raising awareness and making connections with others in our community, but we are also raising funds that will aid families who need equipment as well as research for a cure which is something we have longed for, for many years.

The Walk for Muscular Dystrophy is not only a Walk to raise awareness and fundraise, but it is also a fantastic way to build and strengthen the community! It’s always a great feeling meeting a family who is experiencing the same challenges as mine and knowing that we are not alone in this fight against MD.  It is lovely to see families connecting at these Walk events, forming life-long friendships.

My participation in the Walk for Muscular Dystrophy has made me feel great in the fact that I know I have supported a great cause. I feel satisfied in knowing that I am helping other families like mine receive the assistance they need. It also makes me feel more hopeful that a cure may just be around the corner! Please join my family and I as we participate in the 2014 Walk for Muscular Dystrophy!


Melissa Basil has been participating in the Waterloo Region Walk for Muscular Dystrophy since its inception. She walks with her team of family and friends in support of her younger brother, Junior. Melissa joined the volunteer planning committee last year and enjoys being a part of this community event.


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