60 Years of Progress. A Community of Hope

At the start of every year, everyone sets goals that will make this new year the best yet. With 2014 upon us, we at Muscular Dystrophy Canada are marking our 60th year of progress and achievements. We are very excited to share with you many stories, photographs, and milestones from these 60 years – we are also looking forward to receiving your photographs and stories!

Each month, we will be revealing five pieces to the MDC puzzle on our new webpage dedicated to our 60th year (which will be available starting on January 15th,) and the puzzle will be complete by the end of 2014! Return monthly to find out what the next batch of stories are! The stories may include photos, quotes, research, excerpts from years past, and more!

Make sure to also follow us on our social media pages (listed at the end of this post,) and sign up for our bi-monthly e-newsletter moveit! Stay connected throughout the year and beyond!

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