Many Benefits of Services Support

people on same levelMuscular Dystrophy Canada recognizes that it can be difficult to find the right information and services when dealing with rare conditions such as muscular dystrophy. Our dedicated services team is available to help you find your way. Muscular Dystrophy Canada provides support by assisting individuals to find the right information, programs, housing options and community-based services to meet their specific needs.

Following is a glimpse of how important it is to have the support and insight to navigate through complex systems.

A registered client of Muscular Dystrophy Canada move from the East Coast to Ontario in November 2011.  The client was fleeing an abusive relationship and came to Ontario in hopes of starting over.  However once she arrived she could not find suitable housing, support for equipment and services to get health care.  After numerous phone calls to many service agencies, the client contacted Muscular Dystrophy Canada to see if we could help.

Within 24 hours of our telephone call we were able to arrange for a home visit to meet with the client in her temporary lodging.  After meeting, and deciding what was needed, a plan was put in to action for the client.

Through our partner agencies and networks the client was able to visit a “new” family doctor within a week of the call.  We also assisted in getting OHIP, ODSP and temporary housing, until permanent housing became available.

Next step was to get assistance to have her “new” home assessed to ensure that assistive devices could be purchased to make her home safe, and allow her to be independent.  After a call to CCAC and a few home visits the house was ready to go, next came the walker she needed to navigate the community.  Again the assessments were completed and a new walker was ordered. Equipment was covered through ADP and Muscular Dystrophy Canada’s equipment program.

On December 1, 2012 the client moved in to her permanent home.  She was approved for a fully accessible one bedroom apartment in a clean, bright building.  She was ecstatic to have her own “safe” home.

Her hope of starting over in a new province and a new life became reality.  She stated during our recent conversation that when she arrived a year ago she never thought she would have an affordable accessible home, a family doctor, referral to a specialist, access to assessments in her home and help to obtain the assistive devices and equipment she needed.

If you or someone you know can benefit from our support Services please contact us.

Karen Dunbar is Service Specialist in Ontario and Nunavut region.


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