Fundraiser pays tribute to her nephew by challenging herself

Many people have heard the story of Mitchell Wilson, who took his life last September.  The 11 year old boy had muscular dystrophy and was a victim of bullying, but in the wake of tragedy many people have rallied to create memorable tributes to this young man, including the Pickering Family of Schools raising awareness and almost $20,000 during their i AM WHO i AM campaign.

Mitchell’s aunt, Sarah, has chosen to honour the memory of her nephew with a 10KM Run for Mitchell.  The event will be held May 26th during the Race Weekend in Ottawa, ON.  Sarah’s goals for her own run are “to raise awareness in schools, to encourage others to show empathy, and most importantly, to give people with muscular dystrophy hope. Hope of a longer, stronger, better life. These things are already happening through many of the programs Muscular Dystrophy Canada has, and it is important to me to support them in these efforts.”

On her fundraising page, Sarah shares the story of inspiration that led to her to decide to train and run 10KM in memory of Mitchell.

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