International Community Rallying to see Young Girl’s Dream Come True: Biebs for Mia

Mia Pruder is a young girl who has a dream to meet her idol, Canadian superstar Justin Bieber.  Mia’s supporters have created websites, Facebook groups and events, and endless Tweets to see this wish come true.

On Mia’s website she is described as “a five-year-old little girl fighting Muscular Dystrophy and Mitochondria Deficiency Syndrome. Mia was born in Brantford, Ontario to Heather and Derek Pruder and now resides in Kingston. She has been on a ventilator for almost 4 weeks, unable to breathe on her own. Mia has had 4 necessary and life saving surgeries since entering CHEO. Despite all the challenges, hurdles and surgeries that she has had to go through, she is still smiling, living life to the fullest and wishing for dreams to come true.”

Her Facebook Group, “Biebs for Mia,” has over 24,000 supporters who are sending good thoughts, well wishes and hundreds of tweets a day to get the attention of Justin Bieber in the hopes he will come visit the fan that has started calling herself “Mrs. Mia Bieber.”

Recently, Justin tweeted a response to the “Biebs for Mia” campaign and her thousands of supporters have their fingers crossed waiting for news that Mia’s idol has fulfilled her wish!

It’s amazing what can be accomplished by a group of strangers inspired by a little girl’s dream and focused on a common goal.  Thousands of people who have never met and most likely will never meet Mia are truly invested in seeing her wish come to life and experiencing from afar the joy she will feel if she meets her favourite singer.

This year, Mia is the Ambassador for the Kingston Walk for Muscular Dystrophy which will be held Saturday, June 23rd.  If you’re in the Kingston area, register or sponsor someone at the Walk.  This is another opportunity to support Mia and others who are affected by muscular dystrophy and to raise awareness so a cure can be found in our lifetime.


One thought on “International Community Rallying to see Young Girl’s Dream Come True: Biebs for Mia

  1. For Mia…
    I Love you!I Am praying for you!You are on my mind all the time and I Was so glad when Justin Bieber met you!I Wish to meet Justin Bieber as well and you have showed me how to BELIEVE!I BELIEVE That all of your wishes will come true!By the way…My name is Mary,I Am 12 Yrs old and I Would LOVE To meet Miss Mia!As for now…BELIEVE AND YOUR WISHES WILL COME TRUE!YOU ARE THE BACKGROUND ON MY IPOD!Love,Mary! 🙂

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