“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed people can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.” -Margaret Mead

That’s exactly what three students at Pine Ridge Secondary School in Pickering, Ontraio have started to do.  Students from the 19 schools that make up the Pickering Family of Schools have united for an initiative called i AM WHO i AM.  The campaign started fundraising in November 2011 and this past week presented a cheque to Muscular Dystrophy Canada for $19,341.48, almost double their initial goal.  Students collected donations, and sold green bracelets and shirts which featured their campaign slogan.

Their donation will help to provide more families with valuable support and services including funding special equipment, advocacy, or just providing someone to talk to through Muscular Dystrophy Canada support services.  The aim was not just fundraising. The students promote acceptance and inclusiveness as well as awareness of Muscular Dystrophy Canada. The i AM WHO i AM campaign aims to create schools and communities that honour the equity and worth of all; recognize the value and dignity of each individual; strives to inspire students, parents, staff and community members to support each other in learning, working and living together.  This campaign honours and remembers Mitchell Wilson.

The dedicated student leaders along with all students at the 19 Pickering schools who participated in i AM WHO i AM have made an incredible impact.  They were inspired to make a difference at their schools and in their communities.  Their message is simple and clear—acceptance for everyone.  Bravo to Cody, Sarah and Bryan for seeing the change they could effect by rallying students for a worthy cause and encouraging acceptance of everyone for being exactly who they are.

Watch our video from the special presentation on March 2, 2012. 


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